speedier cgi and perf monitoring

Thomas Guettler guettli at thomas-guettler.de
Mon Oct 25 14:45:40 CEST 2004

Am Sun, 24 Oct 2004 18:28:23 -0400 schrieb Eric S. Johansson:

> I've seen a couple solutions for making CGI faster without significant 
> rewrite.  The only one I've been able to locate is fastCGI.  I seem to 
> recall something like speed CGI or speedy CGI but I can't find I thought 
> I saw (not a puddytat).  References to this other CGI speedup tool would 
> be appreciated.

Have you looked at SCGI? It uses pre-forked worker processes.

> But I've also been playing with performance monitoring to try and 
> improve performance with a couple of CGI that are very very hard on disk 
> storage.

This performance doesn't get better with SCGI. It only helps you to speed
up the start up time (loading of python, connect to database, ...)

> I have some disk intensive CGI which I have measured which showed only a
> few tenth of seconds execution time but also takes sometimes 15 or 20
> seconds elapsed time.

I would create a standalone script for testing the performance (no
cgi, not network traffic, ...) of the parts, which are independant of
the cgi frontend.


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