Parallelization on muli-CPU hardware?

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>My question is, how can I best parallelize the running of separate
>autonomous Python scripts within this app?  Can I run multiple
>interpreters in separate threads within a single process?  In past
>newsgroup messages I've seen advice that the only way to get
>scalability, due to the GIL, is to use an IPC mechanism between
>multiple distinct processes running seperate interpreters.  Is this
>still true or are there better ways to accomplish this?

I'm not sure where in the thread to hang this, so I went back to the
root to post this reminder:

One critical reason for the GIL is to support CPython's ability to call
random C libraries with little effort.  Too many C libraries are not
thread-safe, let alone thread-hot.  Forcing libraries that wish to
participate in threading to use Python's GIL-release mechanism is the
only safe approach.
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