Reuters 3000 Xtra and Python

Richard Shea richardshea at
Mon Oct 25 01:16:13 CEST 2004

Carl <phleum_nospam at> wrote in message news:<WPSed.953$mm6.230 at amstwist00>...
> Does anyone know how to access and download data from Reuters 3000 Xtra from
> Python? 
> Is COM a viable option?
I've only taken a quick look but judging by ...

... the answer is "YES", at least to some degree. It also looks as the
product will spit out Excel style output and Excel can easily be
controlled from a Python script. Without knowing more about Reuters
3000 Xtra it's hard to know how good all this is but if you page down
on that URL to "Display-building tools" you'll probably understand
more of it than I do.

BTW if all you want is market numbers (as opposed to having to use the
Reuters product to get them) someone has written a python wrapper to
access some other provider of numbers and which also allows you to do
trades etc. If all you want is that functionality then you might be
better off using that rather than trying to make the Reuters thing
work. At the moment I can't find the reference for that (others might)
package. If you're interested let me know and I'll find it.



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