Easy web session module with Python?

Johnathan Doe johnathan_doeNOSPAMTHANKS at fastmail.com.au
Thu Oct 14 05:50:09 CEST 2004

Hi,  I'm looking for an easy way to do web development with Python 
(session handling a-la ASP/JSP/PHP, that kind of thing).  I've looked at 
PythonWeb.org but it has bugs because it's not tested on UNIX platforms 
it seems (I've created some patches and sent them to the author), and a 
quick browse through PyPI in the mature/stable packages doesn't reveal 
much hope, unless I've missed something.  I've googled for session 
handling with Python, and it seems something called "pso" would be ok, 
but that is only mod_python as far as I know, and I may need something 
that works with cgi only hosts.

I could write my own I suppose, but surely someone has done this before? 
  Thanks for any tips!


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