Establishing a p2p connection in python

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Fri Oct 8 13:16:18 EDT 2004

aleaxit at (Alex Martelli) wrote in message news:<1glc4eg.zvju3nsu0g6N%aleaxit at>...
> gs <gs.lists at> wrote:
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> > We're about 30 friends who want the ability to share files.
> You could look into BitTorrent, a popular p2p program which, I believe,
> is implemented in Python.  Maybe, if not usable as-is, it might be made
> to fit your needs with some minor modifications...?
> Alex

Ok, that sounds very interesting, Alex. BitTorrent seems to be able to
handle my needs at the moment, althoug i'd eventually want to write
something myself :) Thanks for the pointer!

Off to read up on this and try to persuade my isp to let me add
.torrent apptypes :)


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