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William Park opengeometry at
Mon Oct 18 04:11:10 CEST 2004

Travis <bossierbossman at> wrote:
> Can someone give me an example of connecting to yahoo's smtp server 
> and sending mail?
> I'm doing this:
> msg = MIMEText(self.text_ctrl_1.GetValue())
>         msg['Subject'] = sub
>         msg['From'] = 'bossierbossman at'
>         msg['To'] = to
>         s = smtplib.SMTP('')
>         s.set_debuglevel(1)
>         s.connect()
>         s.login('bossierbossman', 'mypassword')
>         s.sendmail('bossierbossman at', [to], msg)
>         s.quit()
> which isn't working out for me.  Any thoughts?

Where is your code for doing AUTH?  Using Telnet, I get
    250 8BITMIME

which means you have to do issue 'auth login' or 'auth plain'.

William Park <opengeometry at>
Open Geometry Consulting, Toronto, Canada

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