Linux and OS/X on the [desk|lap]top [was Re: Database Connectivity]

Grant Edwards grante at
Tue Oct 12 17:51:24 CEST 2004

On 2004-10-12, Cliff Wells <clifford.wells at> wrote:

> Actually Linux now has one single feature that makes using a
> laptop with it far more pleasurable (from my experience) than
> any other laptop I've tried: it's possible to setup the
> Synaptics touchpad (and Alps too, although it's more
> difficult) to have vertical and horizontal scroll areas (much
> like a scroll-wheel on a mouse, but in both directions).

When I upgraded to Mandrake 10.0, I had to futz around (like
installing the Synaptics driver) to get the touchpad to work
during portable use and the mouse to work during docked use.

A side effect was the appearance of the scroll areas.  I didn't
know they where there at first, and they drove me completely
nuts.  I thought the touchpad hardware had gone flakey on me.
Once I figured out what was going on and got used to them, I
agree: they're fantastick.  I'm not too keen on some
application's mapping of the horizontal scroll area "buttons",
but I could probably fix that.

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