The IDE question

Peter Mott peter at
Fri Oct 15 11:20:32 CEST 2004

Eric3 is an oddity - it is free on Linux but commercial on Windows. It seems 
you need to buy a licence for Qt which in the UK is £250 + VAT. This is 
substantially more than Komodo or WingIDE.


"GMTaglia" <liquid at> wrote in message 
news:TF5ad.15166$b5.730220 at
> dataangel wrote:
>> DrPython seems to be just what I'm looking for -- after a few bugs are
>> fixed and the open file window is improved. I can't open files on
>> computers on my local network because there's no mechanism to do that, I
>> can't type in my own path (doesn't respond to me typing it in and
>> hitting enter), and shortcuts to folders don't show up. I also managed
>> to find a bug that consistenly makes my system hang :P
>> I'm e-mailing them the bugs, but overall the best IDE I've tried so far 
>> :D
> Have a better look to eric3
> tabs
> debugger
> and much more
> cheers
> GMTaglia 

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