Real-time graphs

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Oct 29 17:58:41 CEST 2004

On 2004-10-29, Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:

>>>Need to display data read from telemetry systme. Data might change in
>>>order of 1000/s. Not every sample will be displayed, but still need
>>>something close to 100sps
>> If you want to do 100 frames per second, you're going to have
>> to use gaming/animation techniques: Xv extensions,
>> double-buffering of frames, etc.
> Not to mention using a special monitor with a refresh rate
> well above the usual. ;-)

Yup, trying to do multiple frames/update will resulting tearing
of the displays.  To get the best looking results he probably
wants to max out his frame rate at the display update rate, and
synchronize buffer flips with vertical blanking period.

> I think he meant "samples per second",

I was assuming he wanted to display a new frame for each
sample.  If there are 5000 samples per frame, then life just
got a whole lot easier for him.

> though, but didn't give enough info for us to know his minimum
> refresh rate.

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