Please fix broken news<->list gateway.

Grant Edwards grante at
Sun Oct 10 17:47:47 CEST 2004

Could whoever is gatewaying this group to a mailing list PLEASE
fix whatever problem is causing Usenet posters to receive
bounce messages and out-of-office messages from subscribers to
your service?  

When I post an article to Usenet _I_DONT_CARE_ if your gateway
has problems mailing that article to somebody.  I DON'T WANT TO
BE NOTIFIED that somebody I've never heard of in Poland is out
of his office and that somebody else in Slovakia has an
over-full mailbox.

Even if I _was_ intentionally submitting articles to a mailing
list, I STILL wouldn't want to get those sorts of notifications.

Grant Edwards                   grante             Yow!  Wait... is this a FUN
                                  at               THING or the END of LIFE in
                                 Petticoat Junction??

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