Social Analysis and Modeling for Python

Tim Churches tchur at
Thu Oct 7 00:05:34 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 07:19, Corey Coughlin wrote:
> Yeah, working with C made it pretty horrible, you had to use records
> and functions to try to simulate objects, and basically it meant that
> anytime someone made a change, there was often an unfortunate ripple
> effect.  And the memory leaks, ugh.  And my background was electrical
> engineering, so that didn't help too much, but I picked things up
> pretty quickly.  I made a little knock off version of the program
> that, instead of simulating an entire population, took a single
> individual and did a monte carlo simulation of possible futures of
> that person.  The results were a little more personal that way.  But
> that was all a long time ago, I'm sure the state of the art is far
> beyond that now.

Seriously, the benchmark these days are games like SimCity, Civilisation
and Age of Empires, or The Sims for a more personal perspective.
Spending a few days playing these games is mandatory research for the
Social Analysis and Modelling for Python team. 

Are there any existing open source or commercial simulation games
written in or scriptable with Python, I wonder?

Tim C

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