What is Python's answer to Perl 6?

Dirkjan Ochtman dochtman at cs.vu.nl
Sat Oct 30 12:12:35 CEST 2004

Reinhold Birkenfeld wrote:
> Hello,
> another Perl/Python question: the subject says it all.
> Perl is going to change dramatically to become a more powerful and
> easier to (read|write) language.
> Is Python taking a similar step (-> Python 3) some time in the near future?
> Reinhold

The virtual machine underlying the Perl 6 language, Parrot 
(www.parrotcode.org) will also support running Python. This will 
probably incur performance benefits as well as allowing some interesting 
interoperability between Perl 6 and Python-on-Parrot.

Whether Python-on-Parrot will become the official Python: I don't know.



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