Color schemes

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Sun Oct 31 00:18:42 CEST 2004

Mark Schonewille <nospam at> wrote in message news:<41838c6e$0$7153$d5255a0c at>...
> Hi,
> Is anyone using a color scheme for his Python scripts?
> I suspect most people are using a text editor which may or may not support 
> colorisation of scripts.
 Good intuition, because some do and some don't :)
 Many of the python editors out now are based on Scintilla.
 Scintilla is a capable, colorizing, folding, text widget on 'roids.
> Do you use a similar script in a Python IDE or in your text 
> editor to colorize your Python scripts?
 I use an editor that is based on Scintilla .
 To convert python source to colorised html for webpages and documentation,
 I have been writing a module called PySourceColor.
 It is a based on token and tokenize.
 If you are intrested you can find it here:
 This is a new version and has many improvements.
 Also there is a version of pydoc there that serves up colorized html.

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