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>Of course, linguistics has long been split between prescriptive and
>descriptive orientations.  The long-term trend is definitely away from
>the prescriptive (which centuries ago used to rule supreme) and towards
>the descriptive (which isn't controversial any more, as soon as you get
>into the actual professional practice -- peer-reviewed journals, etc).
>How you "should" express yourself, after all, depends on your purposes;
>the best a linguist can do is elucidate for you the likely consequences
>of a stylistic or grammatical choice.  It's not an issue of "who ya
>gonna call?" being ``better'' or ``worse'' than "whom are you going
>to contact?"... if you understand the contexts in which either way of
>expression is going to be clearer, how they're going to affect your
>audience, and so on, you can _choose_ effectively between them.

"Contact is not a verb under this roof."
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