Color schemes

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Sat Oct 30 17:12:12 CEST 2004

Mark Schonewille <nospam at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone using a color scheme for his Python scripts? I suspect 
> most people are using a text editor which may or may not support 
> colorisation of scripts (like Apple's Script Editor does).

All editors that I would choose to use have built-in syntax highlighting. 
Being color-sensitive, I find this a major win for productivity, similar
to having a 'find' dialog, multiple open documents, etc.

> The page at 
> <> 
> contains a colorized tokenizing script. I assume the script can 
> be used to make colour schemes and that a similar script is used 
> to create all the scripts shown on the website.

I would say that it is likely that such a script was _used to help
produce the web pages_ that present the source code of the modules at
the site.  Whether or not the page authors used the web pages that had
been generated via this method as documentation themselves, in order to
help later work on the project, does not seem specified on the web page,
though it is both possible and likely.

> Do you use a similar script in a Python IDE or in your text 
> editor to colorize your Python scripts?

Sych scripts are only necessary when one wants to post a "pretty"
version of Python source on a web site.  Being that I have no desire,
nor need to post such things, I do not use it.  Pure source without line
numbers is much easier to copy/paste.  Sourceforge, on the other hand,
does present users with syntax highlighted text representations of code
when viewed through CVS. For example, here is the much loved
as viewed through Sourceforge's web CVS:

Ahh, so pretty.  They use, I'm sure, some variant or reimplementation of
a colorization script, though not necessarily the one that is offered on
the page you link.

 - Josiah

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