collision detection and penetration depth (Blender?)

Thorsten Reichelt thorsten.reichelt at
Mon Oct 25 16:09:06 CEST 2004

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:52:19 +0200, Thorsten Reichelt
<thorsten.reichelt at> wrote:

>So, my questions are: Is there an existing Python module that offers
>exactly what we need? If not, what should be my course of action: 
>1. Try to get a working .exe out of the FreeSOLID package (it has some
>sample apps) and passing args on command line?
>2. Try to reproduce the needed code in Python (without really
>understanding what I'm doing *ouch*)?
>3. Try to make the FreeSOLID functions usable in my Python scripts?
>(This would be embedding/extending, right? Haven't done that before,
>either. And it seems there's a lot of c involved again.)

And, another additional thought: What about blender? I'm not really
sure what blender can and cannot be used for. Would it be possible to
use blender functions for in an external (our) app? Blender certainly
has collision detection, doesn't it?


Thorsten Reichelt

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