Pymacs problem

Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Oct 21 17:56:09 CEST 2004

I'm trying to use the Pymacs bridge to add a symbol completion facility to
Emacs's python-mode.  Neither the Python nor Emacs Lisp portions are all
that complex, but I'm having trouble passing a list of strings from Emacs
Lisp into Python.  On the Emacs Lisp side it looks like this:

    (pymacs-load "pycomplete")

    (defun py-complete ()
      (pycomplete-pycomplete (py-symbol-near-point)

(py-find-global-imports) returns a (Lisp) list of strings, e.g.:

    ("import time", "import sys")

On the Python side I have this function:

    def pycomplete(s, imports=None):
        completions = get_all_completions(s, imports)
        dots = s.split(".")
        return os.path.commonprefix([k[len(dots[-1]):] for k in completions])

Unfortunately, the imports arg does not come across as a Python list of
strings (s does come across the bridge as a normal Python string).  Its
repr() prints out like this:

    lisp('("import time")')

What do I need to do to convert that object into a true Python list of
strings?  I'm afraid I don't quite understand the description of the lisp
object in the Pymacs docs.  I tried imports.value() but that just gave me

    (aref pymacs-lisp 0)

Any help appreciated...


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