Python and C#

Al Christians achrist at
Sun Oct 3 15:49:18 CEST 2004

For regrettable reasons irrelevant to the content of this
newsgroup,  I've some need to get some experience with C#.
My plan for doing this involves writing some parts of some
applications in C# as COM servers and hooking them to python
via COM.

Looking for advice on this as a course of action.  Obviously,
I'm not doing this for fun, but for some reasons that are
supported by base workaday considerations.  Will this work?
What are the biggest hassles in making it work?  Any

If I get this to work well, next I want to make it easy for
users to install and run the apps.  I haven't tried to
package any python apps in about a year.  Which packaging
package is better now for this -- py2exe, McMillan's, or
something else?  I want the end-users with no python on
their Windows machine to run a simple and non-descript
installer and then be up and running with my app, no

TIA much for sagacity from anyone who's been there,
done that.


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