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Sam Holden sholden at
Sun Oct 24 03:02:48 CEST 2004

On 23 Oct 2004 07:42:08 -0700, Lad <export at> wrote:
> Sam, 
> thanks for your reply.
> If I can open console window
> by os.system('start')
> isn't there any way how to send the output from that 
> to a browser? The reason is ( also) that the otput consists HTML code

Yes you just print it out in a CGI script and the web server arranges for it
to get sent to the browser. What you can't do is execute that script and have
its output appear in a different browser window than the original script's
output (at least not without resorting to Javascript and only working
on some browsers).

You can just output a HTML link which causes a new CGI script to execute
which either is or executes That way the user
can click the link to get the output of the script.

Sam Holden

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