Paid Research Project on Stackless 3.1

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Oct 25 23:43:35 CEST 2004

Michael Ströder <michael at> wrote:
> > I'm seeking for a person who would take the job to
> > find the buglet. He would need to debug and
> > nail down a commercial application, which I cannot
> > make public. (S)He would need to sign an NDA with me.
> Hopefully your customer does not read this news group...

Why not?  If I was the customer, I'd be admiring of Christian's
resourcefulness and inventiveness.

> I'm not sure about the exact daily rates for programmers in Berlin but I

I don't see any indication that people who accept the challenge need to
be in Berlin.

> would not expect many responses from really skilled people for taking over a
> commercial project for such a low payment and additionally taking the risk
> that there's no payment at all.

I think you're neglecting several factors, such as the fact that the
result will be released as open source (as Stackless has always been),
the challenge aspect (if I'm really brilliant I can solve this in one
day, and 500 a day is a lot of money if you're living in, say, Estonia),
and the kudos who will accrue to the winner (what a badge, for a young
aspiring star, to claim he got _Tismer_'s money for solving a bug faster
and better than anybody else in the whole world, Tismer included!).

Wish I didn't have the Cookbook's 2nd ed at such a critical stage
(blocked on contributors' permissions, UGH, and requiring lots of time
and non-programming effort to work around the block), plus much else
cooking, or I'd consider taking it up myself (being peeved that I wasn't
listed among Christian's "real hardcore system hackers with many years
of experience" -- well I _do_ have the many years, at least!-)...


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