PythonCom equivalent on Linux!

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Wed Oct 13 07:53:47 CEST 2004

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> >     john> Is there an equivalent of COM on Linux that I can get
> >     john> through Python.
> > 
> > Mono appears to be the future of COM equivalent technologies on
> > Linux. Python support just isn't stable/mature there yet.
> It depends what everyone means by "COM equivalent". If you mean it as
> some kind of distributed object technology, then there are a lot of
> CORBA-related solutions out there: ORBit (PyORBit vs. ORBit-python),
> Fnorb, omniORB (omniORBpy), and so on. In addition, you have a
> selection of unstandardised technologies to choose from, too.
> > There is also xpcom.
> As well as UNO (PyUNO), but that is arguably in the realm of the other
> principal interpretation of "COM equivalent": the application
> automation technology. On that front, there's ORBit and Bonobo for
> GNOME-based applications (I believe) and DCOP for KDE-based
> applications. Eventually, there'll be standardisation of such
> technologies, and I imagine that D-BUS fits in somewhere here.
> >     john> My need is to have some sort of language independent
> >     john> component framework. I can think of CORBA but I have to have
> >     john> a server running. I
> > 
> > How critical is this criterion? I would definitely go with CORBA.
> Yes. Years ago I had a lot of fun with ILU, but I imagine that any of
> the more mature/supported Python-compatible ORBs would be suitable.
> Certainly, omniORB ( would be my first
> consideration.
> Meanwhile, beware of suggestions that you use SOAP or XML-RPC! If
> remote method calling is what interests you, such technologies are not
> *directly* applicable (unless, in the case of SOAP, XML documents are
> the primary representation of data in your system).

Thanks. I think DCOP and Bonobo are what I am looking for. I use
omniORB. I dropped SOAP for most part after I found that CORBA
complexity was just a myth. I just did not think CORBA was what I
needed for this particular project.

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