Python Patterns

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Thu Oct 7 09:59:03 CEST 2004

Johannes Eble <skywalkerpackage at> wrote:
> >Yep -- I've been writing about DPs with/for Python for years now (that's
> >the invariable background to almost all of my conference talks &c, check
> >most of them out at, and one day (once I'm done doing
> >2nd editions of cookbooks and nutshells;-) I hope to write a book about
> >that (plus materials on agile programming practices, again with Python
> >as the explanatory language).  
> Will your book also be influenced by Design Patterns in Dynamic
> Languages e.g. Common Lisp? Peter Norvig argues that 16 GoF Patterns
> are simply workarounds of C++ like language shortcomings. It would be
> very interesting to see such a discussion for Python. Also, Norvig's
> slides are somewhat too terse for me (as well as Lisp macros etc.).
> It's a pity that most of the pattern books are based on the GoF book
> only.

I recommend The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion, an excellent book.
And yes, I have the same observation on some of _my_ too-terse slides
(at some classic patterns are workarounds for static
typing (and, also, for non-firstclassness of some constructs, to a
lesser extent).

Outside of the GoF's book, there's actually a wealth of pattern books.
Fowler's "Analysis Patterns" and "Refactoring", all the PLoP books,
Schmidt's work (,
etc, etc...


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