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Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Fri Oct 15 00:10:33 CEST 2004

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote in message news:<416C68C9.F3271A1C at>...
> Michael Foord wrote:
> > I really miss a decent Cellular Automota program and I was really
> > surprised that there weren't lot's of implementations for python.
> > 
> > I've seen 'cage' around, but this uses curses so doesn't work on
> > windoze :-(
> I know that Kevin Altis at one point was experimenting with hooking up
> CAGE to PythonCard; I don't know how far he got or whether it eventually
> got released (as a PythonCard sample).  Martijn Faassen was kind enough
> to let me know about a CAGE integration he did for pygame, which
> apparently is working and he sent me sample code (and I'm sure he'd be
> happy to send it to you).
> But even if neither of those things interest you, there _is_ a Python
> curses module that works with Windows:
> I haven't looked at it recently, but when it was initially announced I
> checked CAGE out in it and found to my pleasant surprise that it worked
> flawlessly and I didn't see any problems (the Web page even mentions my
> report).  As I said I haven't examined it recently, but I'm sure it's
> only improved in the meantime.

Wow - this is impressive.
CAGE works great in this version of curses.


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