Database Connectivity

Aaron Bingham bingham at
Tue Oct 5 15:06:18 CEST 2004

Sandeep Avinash Gohad wrote:

>I want to develope a simple Database connectivity program with python.
>I want to use MS Access as a backend.
>Please guide me....
>If any e-books,links available particularly for database connectivity
>then please let me know
First, consider if you really want to use MS Access for this.  In my 
experience, this is mostly asking for trouble as Access is poorly 
documented and has many bugs and misfeatures you will waste your time 
working around.  In addition, Access DBs are prone to corruption if 
accessed by many users at once.  PostgreSQL is a much more powerful 
alternative, and version 8.0, coming soon, will run natively on 
Windows.  Of course, it is not as "user friendly" in the sense of having 
pretty GUI tools, but since it sounds like you will be writing the GUI 
in Python anyway, this may not matter.

If you are going to use Access, Python Programming on Win32 by Mark 
Hammond and Andy Robinson is an essential reference.


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