Slow debugging with Komodo

Will McGugan news at
Sat Oct 23 21:53:48 CEST 2004

> On my dev machine (P4 1.7Ghz Win2K) debugging with Komodo is painfuly 
> slow. There is a delay of several seconds when stepping over a single 
> line of code. Debugging the same code with Pythonwin is very quick. Does 
> anyone else experience slow debugging, and is there anyway to speed it up?

Figured it out..

I was testing Komodo 3 with the file '', and once an 
instance of xmlrpclib.Server was created and displayed in either Locals 
or the Watch tab, it slowed way down. It seems that when Komodo inspects 
this object there is network activity as it contacts the http server! 
Other scripts dont show this slowdown.

Will McGugan

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