Python with ASP

Jason Giangrande jason at
Thu Oct 14 23:09:35 CEST 2004

The company I work for uses ASP and VBScript.  I likely can not get them 
to change from ASP, but I thought that I might at least be able to 
convince them of a switch to ASP using Python.  I am the only coder here 
and I know Python better than VB, though I am far from an expert in 
Python either.  That said, I am getting better with VB, and have come to 
realize that it is indeed an inane language.  So far I have found very 
little information on the web talking about using Python as the language 
with ASP.  That which I have found thus far, has been negative.  Here 
are a few questions for those that have used Python with ASP in the past 
or are currently using it.

Does ASP have any major problems using Python as it's programming language?

Is there any documentation on using Python with ASP?  So far I have 
found very little.

Have those who used Python with ASP found that it caused any problems 
with IIS, or caused it to use more resources?  This is one of the IT 
Administrator's concerns.

Is there anything else I should know before I make my pitch to use 
Python with ASP?

Jason Giangrande <jason at>

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