Test-driven GUI development (was: Calling (C)Python code from Java: Is it JPype?)

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Fri Oct 1 23:08:22 CEST 2004

In article <cjjksb$soo$1 at newshispeed.ch>, F. GEIGER <f.geiger at vol.at> wrote:
>in this regard. It is because pychecker does not catch all errors *I* make
>in *my* GUI programs (YMMV of course). Errors, a compiler typically is able
>to catch. It gets really annoying if I aways have to do all the steps again
>and again getting to the point the *GUI* part of my app just to see that I
>again had missed something. I am willing to give up on flexibilty in the
>*GUI* part of my app to receive type safety and in consequence compile time
>error checking.
>If anyone could show me a way how I can develop the *GUI* part of may apps
>in a test driven way, i.e. w/o having to enter data manually all over again,
>then I could forget about all this.
>P.S.: Ville, perhaps you answered to my post because I'd like it to have the
>other way round: GUI stuff a compiled lang (but not C++ if possible) and the
>gist, which many times is considered time critical by other people, in
>Python. But, as I said: I never had performance problems with Python. Python
>speeds up dev'ing apps and *app-specific* things because it lets me think
>mostly in the problem domain and not in the lang domain. Ever handled
>strings, lists etc. in C++ or Java? Forget it! Well, ok, I have to admit:
>I'm a Java newbie, yet, and thus I am not allowed yet to rant, actually. But
>you got the point: So many things are just easy to do in Python and I don't
>want to give up on *that*. OTOH: GUI stuff mostly is a SMOP, nothing special
>(possiblities in wx are great, though. I can do things here, I couldn't
>dream of doing it in, say, VB). Here a compiler really could make things
>easier - for *me* and *my* apps. Again, YMMV.
These are good and important points, ones that deserve a more
complete answer than I can express now.  Until such experts as
Peter and Alex chime in, though, please do keep in mind that,
for at least some of us, test-driven GUI development in Python 
is not only possible, but *superior*, to the practices you
describe with, for example, Java.  You apparently have habits
that work well for you with Java; that's great.  I think that
you'll eventually be even happier with a more Pythonic approach.
I hope some of us can make it clear in follow-ups.

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