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Wed Oct 20 01:03:19 CEST 2004

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>On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 10:20:02AM +0100, abhay wrote:
>> I am confused between learning Python or learning Perl. Please any view,
>> opinions and suggestions are welcomed.
>Both can be incredibly useful tools for you, with which you can solve
>problems much faster than with the heavyweight languages/environments
>that are hyped with the Enterprise(tm) label *cough*
>I believe that if Python or Perl is right for you, depends on your way
>of thinking. For some people, Perl fits their mind better. But for
>those that are not Python is getting them to where they want faster,
>and with less headaches ;-)
>I'd recommend you first download the Python interpreter, and grab a
>tutorial ( is a good starting point)
>and play around with it. You'll see soon enough if you like it.
Absolutely on-target.  Abhay, let me add emphasis to a few of
the points Gerhard has made, in recognition that you might have
a background that makes them unfamiliar or hard to grasp:
*) Learning (at least) one of Perl and Python is
   a great idea.  If your notions of programming
   are limited to the Visual Basic-Java-C++
   circle taught many places, new vistas of
   productivity and reward lie before you.
*) Perl and Python are equivalent, to first 
   order.  They are largely comparable in a 
   functional sense, and it's thoroughly rational
   to decide between them based on specific 
   factors of your own situation, including how
   they "feel".
*) Also in contrast to VB-Java-C++ and other 
   languages, you can acquire a useful sense of
   these languages' characters with an invest-
   ment of a few hours.  They're far "lighter"
   than other language technologies.  Download
   them, and try them out for yourself.  That
   counsel is not a platitude; it's the best 
   advice we can give.

We elaborated some of these matters in <URL: >.

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