Python to Python communication

Harald Massa cpl.19.ghum at
Mon Oct 11 19:44:45 EDT 2004

Alan Kennedy <alanmk at> wrote in

[Thomas Guettler]
>> Peer to peer: There is no central server. All can talk to each other.
>> The problem is: How to find the other? If there are on one computer

Yes, considering my challenge "peer to peer" would fit best 
> Or use a peer-to-peer library that has solved all of those problems
> already 

Yeah, spread looks beautifull from it's documentation. But I failed in 
setting up ... the python-module is prepared for spread 3.16.4, actual is 
3.17.2, which has total different librarynames to start with ... so 

python build --compiler=mingw32 fails badly when trying to link.

Has someone succeeded in doing a windows build for python 2.3.4 and spread 
3.17.2 ??? I would be very thankfull for a howto or a spread.pyd :)


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