int/long unification hides bugs

kartik kartick_vaddadi at
Tue Oct 26 05:27:43 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message news:<_aadnTCr7PWKYeHcRVn-rg at>...
> Do you feel strongly enough about the quality of your code to write
> automated tests for it?  Or are you just hoping that one tiny class
> of potential bugs will be caught for you by this feature of the
> language?

1)catching overflow bugs in the language itself frees u from writing
overflow tests.
2)no test (or test suite) can catch all errors, so language support 4
error detection is welcome.
3)overflow detection helps when u dont have automated tests 4 a
particular part of your program.

> I'm not sure what you're asking, because even the exposure of
> latent bugs which you are describing can happen only when you
> *run* the code.

Agreed. i'm saying that without int/long unification, the bugs will b
found sooner & closer to where they occur, rather than propagating
throughout the program's objects & being found far away from the
source, if at all.


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