Free hosting for Python open-source projects

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Tue Oct 19 23:06:36 CEST 2004

I'm sure this question has been posted before, but the answer will
probably be out of date, so here it goes.

I'm looking for a good host for my Python open source projects. The
requirements are:

-- First of all, stability;
-- Support for a mailing list (essential for all projects);
-- Support for Subversion (not essential for small projects);
-- Support for Python-hosted applications (such as Trac, Wiki, and similar apps)
-- Reasonable traffic and disk space limits;
-- Potential for growth (perhaps with a commercial option?), if some
of the projects starts to attract more traffic.

I know that some companies offer hosting space for open source
projects, often with reasonable limitations. The main problem in my
case is _stability_ and the _mailing list_. Unfortunately, my own
experience with sourceforge lists, over recent times, is somewhat
problematic, so I would like to find a good host for low volume lists,
with responsive mailing performance.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Ribeiro
Consultoria em Projetos
mail: carribeiro at
mail: carribeiro at

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