int/long unification hides bugs

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Oct 27 07:25:28 CEST 2004

kartik wrote:
> thank u so much 4 your help, but i know what i'm saying without
> assistance from clowns like u. & i dont give a damn about your rules 4
> proper communciation, as long as i'm understood.

I feel the need to point out in the above the parallel (and equally
mistaken) logic with your comments in the rest of the thread.

In the thread you basically are saying "I want high quality
code, but I refuse to do the thing that will give it to me
(writing good tests) as long as a tiny subset of possible bugs
are caught by causing overflow errors at an arbitrary limit".

Above you are basically saying "I want to be understood,
but I refuse to do the thing that will make it easy for me
to be understood (using proper grammer and spelling) as
long as it's possible for people to laboriously decipher
what I'm trying to say".

Or something like that... I'm with Cliff (which is to say,
I'm outta here).


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