question on list comprehensions

Darren Dale dd55 at
Thu Oct 14 16:36:51 CEST 2004


I need to replace the following loop with a list comprehension:

for i in arange(10000):

In practice, res is a complex 2D numarray. For this reason, the regular
output of a list comprehension will not work: constructing a list of every
intermediate result will result in huge hits in speed and memory.

I saw this article at ASPN:

def thislist():
    """Return a reference to the list object being constructed by the
    list comprehension from which this function is called. Raises an
    exception if called from anywhere else.
    import sys
    d = sys._getframe(1).f_locals
    nestlevel = 1
    while '_[%d]' % nestlevel in d:
        nestlevel += 1
    return d['_[%d]' % (nestlevel - 1)].__self__

Could the list comprehension include something like thislist().pop(0), to be
called when len(thislist)>1? (I think this could work, but am having
trouble with the syntax.) Or is there a better way to approach the problem?

Thank you,


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