Fedora 1 and Eric3

Bats nomail at no.way
Tue Oct 26 19:51:17 CEST 2004

Markus Wankus had this to say:
> Well.. I can give you feedback but it is kind of useless.  I have found
> that no matter what distro I used - Fedora 1 or otherwise - getting that
> program to work (along with all of its seemingly circular dependencies)
> was a very unpleasant experience and one I never succeeded at.  There is
> something to be said for the simplicity of Windows installers...
> All I can say is keep trying, and Google this newsgroup.  This has come
> up here before - you are not alone...

Ah - I wondered about that... :) 
I have tried Eric three times. RH9, Fedora 1 (twice, between formats) and I
still cannot get it going.

I won't even get into my WxWindows/Python woes at the moment. Suffice to say
that I am in another version hell-loop.


(I can only post on weekends and rare times during the week.)

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