Parallelization on multi-CPU hardware? (see POSH - Python shared objects)

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Tue Oct 26 07:46:51 CEST 2004

Jon Perez wrote:
> POSH (Python Object sharing) allows Python objects
> to be placed in shared memory and accessed transparently
> between different Python processes.
> POSH has actually been around for quite a while, so I wonder
> why it has not been mentioned more often.

How often should it be mentioned?  I mentioned it twice
early this month.  The previous mentions were in August,
then April, then January, then ...

Huh.  But I see I mention it the most, so I'm biased.

The major problem I have with it is its use of Intel
specific assembly, generated (I as I recall) through
gcc-specific inline code.  I run OS X.

So the only people who would use it are Python developers
running on a multi-proc Intel machine with Linux/*BSD
who have compute intensive jobs and aren't interested
in portability.  And don't prefer the dozen+ other more
mature/robust solutions.

I suspect that might be a small number.

				dalke at

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