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Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Oct 5 22:58:55 CEST 2004

> >Terribly interesting, but well nigh impossible to corroborate.
> >
> >Take for example if I were to claim that I were a graduate student in
> >computer science theory at the University of California, Irvine.  A
> >little bit of investigation would lead you to discover that I am
> >likely the person I claim to be (header examination, university search,
> >etc.).
> >
> I could[n't] care less honestly.

Ahh, but here's the rub; I posted responses to your questions that were,
on the most part, helpful.  Had I broken the law in my post (a
surprisingly easy thing to do in the states), knowing that I was who I
claimed to be would be particularly useful.

In this case, you are making the claim to not use this information as
part of a homework assignment, which while not being illegal, is
generally understood to be amoral, according to academic practices in
most parts of the world.

You have managed to be quite reasonable and calm through the entire
thread, but you seemed to have missed much of the sarcasm in "Mark
English's" post.

> She's not a professor, she teaches middle school social science 
> (primarily history which is her specialty).

That significantly reduces the probability of their being proof of her
position on the internet.  There goes that idea.

> I'm really not interested in playing games or divulging personal 
> information to complete strangers.  The way you phrase it, "If you 
> satisfy me", as if you were some sort of devil or something.  I am 
> grateful that you answered my questions, and did not expect anyone to 
> attempt to answer all of them.  I was hoping people who were experts in 

Ahh the devil, if one chooses to believe in them, I am surely not.
Mailing list Don...not even close.  I'm just a guy who can prove who he
is.  And at least for some places on the internet, that can matter.

> Anyhow, excuse my ignorance.  Who I am is really not a concern.  If I 
> was a student, I wouldn't be on the computer from 10:00 in the morning 
> to 3:00 at night.  I'd have class.  

Schedules vary.  Student sleep schedules can be truely strange (I know
some who sleep 3 hours/night).  This is a reasonably valid point,

> I think you did me a favor, but the 
> favor you ask is far too personal.  People on usenet seem to have 
> something vicious in them and I have no intent to play that game.

True enough, but python-list is available via mailing list, which is how
I access it.

Re: my viciousness; the great majority of my personal to-dos have been
chronicled on my blog, which dates back to March 17, 1999.  If I were
truely vicious, (and you had the time to read through it all), I believe
it would be there, or at least some remnants of it.

 - Josiah

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