limitations of current logging package

Peter L Hansen peter at
Sun Oct 3 18:45:26 EDT 2004

Vinay Sajip wrote:
>>For the first problem, I think the exc_info "flag" should be
>>changed so that if it contains actual exception info, or
>>maybe just a tuple of three items, then *that* information
>>is logged instead of a call to sys.exc_info() being made.
> Not quite true, although the documentation could be a little clearer.
> Originally, the exc_info flag was checked for true/false, and this
> check still holds for deciding whether exception info is logged.
> However, in recent versions, if an exception tuple (in the same format
> as returned by sys.exc_info()) is passed, sys.exc_info() is not called
> and the passed tuple is used instead. I aim to update the
> documentation to reflect this.

I take it this is yet another of the changes that was made
only in post-Python-2.3, because in 2.3.4 it does not behave
that way.  If exc_info is set to anything, it is overwritten
with sys.exc_info().


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