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>Or perhaps later you will understand why some of the things you
stated are not applicable.<

Sure, but sometimes outsiders can see some things better.

>not some Windows-only toolkit that doesn't quite have critical mass.<

Maybe Gui4cli code will be released, etc. (wxPython is much more
powerful than Gui4cli-like solutions, so they don't compete, they can
be for different purposes).

>In Py3k, tabs are not going to be allowed as indentation to Python


>Colons are a very important delimiter for Python now, and removing
them just makes the syntax more ambiguous for both reading and for

I've heard similar comments about the leading whitespace used to
determine the grouping of statements.
I keep forgetting those colons, I think they are useful mostly for one
liners, like:
if <cond>: <code>
for c in string: <code>

>Becoming more like Mathematica is not something one should hope for.<

Mathematica is a good and powerful language, with a good design (older
maybe). I see many similarities between Python and Mathematica, and
such similarities seem to increase with time. (I know, Python is OO
and Mathematica usually isn't. But Mathematica can be used as a
functional language, etc.)

>(I can't believe I am replying to someone with the email address

I am learning, like everybody else.

Thank you,
a bear hug,

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