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> BLATANT human rights violations by FBI SADISTS and PERVERTS.
> Please SAVE this post on your hard disks or email account and also
> bookmark it because the FBI sadists are gonna force the websites to
> remove this posting for good. I posted this column to pretty much all
> "active newsgroups" three weeks ago but the FBI "ARM TWISTED" and
> "FORCED" google management to "REMOVE 90% of them" from the USENET and
> violated my FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
> Undercover FBI agents will attack me, ridicule me and discredit me
> with fictitious userids in response to this post and I request all
> readers to completely IGNORE those MANIPULATIVE, LYING FBI perverts
> and sadists.
> Please forward and distribute this to as many senators, congressmen,
> journalists, editors, civil rights attorneys, civil rights activists,
> investigative reporters, radio talk show hosts,  managers, co-workers,
> family and friends and all Americans concerned with civil liberties.
> I am not a muslim, I don't have even a single muslim friend, I am not
> a member of any religious organization, I am not a drug smuggler, I do
> not belong to any crime mafia, I did not kill anybody, I am not a spy
> and I never ever worked for any government and not even "remotely
> connected" to any government agency whatsoever, I do not have any
> prior criminal record, I am a US citizen and have been living in US
> for a little more than 15 yrs and I graduated with a masters degree in
> computer science from a US university more than a decade ago. I am
> even willing to take "ANY NO.OF POLYGRAPH TESTS" to prove whatever I
> said is true and a fact, about my background.
> FBI has been MENTALLY TORTURING me with 24X7 surveillance for the last
> three years inside and outside my apartment with video surveillance
> devices and motion sensors around my apartment, my phone has been
> tapped, my web surfing is being monitored all the time for the last
> three years, my emails are being monitored, gps vehicle tracking
> devices and voice amplification devices have been placed in my car and
> undercover FBI agents have followed me to restaurants, grocery stores,
> malls, movie theatres, banks and even barber shops etc and forced me
> to live like an animal and a virtual prisoner for three years. FBI has
> interfered in my personal life for no reason and jeopardized my job
> opportunities. FBI is obsessed with me and has ruined, destroyed and
> wrecked my life for the last three years and destroyed my physical and
> mental health.
> The SADISTIC FBI agents are NOT charging me, NOT letting me find a
> job, NOT letting me have a normal life, NOT letting me have even an
> IOTA of PRIVACY and mentally TORTURING and TERRORIZING me with 24X7
> surveillance, making 2000 UNSOLICITED phone calls to my unlisted
> phone#s, entering my apartment ILLEGALLY and STEALING personal
> belongings when I am not home, watching me real time live with video
> surveillance devices installed in my bedroom, living room, kitchen and
> DISGUSTINGLY even in my rest room and humiliating and dehumanizing me
> and BLATANTLY violating my civil rights and constitutional right to
> The PERVERTED FBI "ILLEGALLY" installed tens of audio and video
> surveillance devices in my apartment, watching me NAKED, REAL TIME
> LIVE 24X7 even in my rest room taking shower, psychoanalyzing each and
> every move, each and every word I said, each and every second of my
> life, each and every blink of my eyes and each and every comment I
> posted on the web.
> Is there a LIMIT to FBI Sadism and Perversion ??
> If you want to contact me, please send me email at
> vickyg456A at notyahoo.com by removing the letter "A" and the word "not"
> from the email id.
> I spoke to at least 200 attorneys in both Michigan and Georgia for
> legal help but only about two or three attorneys were willing to help
> me but asked me to show physical proof of either gps or video
> surveillance devices. I did a lot of research and found a couple of
> private investigators (who were ex-FBI agents) more importantly who
> are knowledgeable about the latest "counter surveillance technologies"
> but they also DECLINED to help me on ONE PRETEXT or the OTHER even
> though I was willing to pay for their services.
> I told these two very HIGHLY QUALIFIED and KNOWLEDGEABLE private
> investigators Niles (Eagle services 866-691-7985) and another PI,
> Charles Middlestadt (404-252-5322) of ISC Worldwide Inc in the Atlanta
> area who are capable of finding the gps vehicle tracking devices in my
> car, that I am NOT A MUSLIM and they have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT ME
> and even offered them to go through my attorney and help me but still
> THEY DECLINED to help me OUT OF FEAR that I might be a muslim.
> And eventually I was forced to spend a $1000 as fees out of sheer
> desperation knowing fully well that the Private Investigator I hired
> has at best AVERAGE counter surveillance skills to sweep my car for
> gps vehicle tracking devices and he did a LOUSY JOB and found nothing,
> as I expected.
> One attorney in Michigan CHEATED me for a thousand dollars and didn't
> do diddly squat and another attorney made me spend a couple of
> thousand dollars more, again for nothing.
> Some attorneys I consulted told me in very CLEAR TERMS, that FBI
> and METHODS. The attorneys also told me that in order for me to file a
> civil lawsuit against the FBI, I have to PROVE the existence of
> surveillance devices and also the harassment which will be quite a
> tall order for me to do without the help of willing attorneys and
> helpful private investigators and EVEN THEN the FBI sadists would have
> removed all those surveillance devices by the time the private
> investigators came to sweep my apartment for those devices after a
> couple of days since the FBI is listening to each and every goddamn
> word that came out of my mouth whether it be in my apartment or when I
> was speaking to these PI's and attorneys from pay phones or cell
> phones.
> You can investigate these undercover FBI agents yourself and find out
> the truth. Remember, some times vehicles are registered in parents or
> spouses names and also FBI uses fictitious front companies to employ
> their undercover agents.
> If any of you think, all these things are my paranoid delusions, I
> CHALLENGE you to send an email to undercover FBI agent Frank Spodek
> (sfrank9 at aol.com) OR call Kathleen Sue Taylor OR Maddelina Wahl OR
> Mediha Krijestorac or Janet Lorna Brown or the other FBI agents I
> listed at their phone numbers and confirm it with those FBI PERVERTED
> SADISTS themselves.
> Undercover FBI agents who followed me
> -------------------------------------
> BOGEY 27 (MI)     Registered to Maddelina C Wahl,  28087 Hickory Dr,
> Farmington.Hills MI 38331, ph: 248-324-1527, Caucasian Female, black
> car, Charter One bank, 3:00 pm, 12/20/03
> This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 30 yr old Caucasian
> Female to Charter One bank on W.12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI in
> veh plate # BOGEY 27, ph:248-324-1527
> PPL 587  (MI)     Registered to Kathleen Sue Taylor, African American
> female, 29390 Bermuda Ln,Southfield, MI 48034, ph: 248-356-1946.
> This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 27yr old African
> American female in MI veh plate# PPL 587 in July 2002  in a CVS
> Pharmacy on W.12 Mile Rd, Southfield,  MI
> XRA 155 (MI)     Registered to Mediha Krijestorac, Black car, 30408
> Shiawasee Rd, Farmington MI 48336, ph:248-477-9161,  White Male,
> Restaurant, 9:00pm, 12/12/03
> This undercover FBI agent who followed me was a 20-22 yr old Caucasian
> Male in veh plate # XRA 155 to a restaurant on Grand River Ave in
> Farmington Hills,  MI at 9:00 pm on 12/12/03.
> UFX 210 (MI)     Registered to Kevin Miller, White SUV,  5871 Seneca
> St, Detroit, 48213, July 2002, 313-571-1095 #disconnected.
> This undercover FBI agent followed me in the summer of 2002.
> 5915CR   (MI)    Registered to Kenneth Allen, Red pickup truck, 18440
> Alta Vista Dr, Southfield MI 48075 in Dec 2002.
> This FBI undercover agent followed me in a red pickup truck in an
> apartment complex was a 27-33 yr old Caucasian male in veh plate# 5915
> CR in Dec 2002.
> 0978 JD  (MI)   Registered to Janet Lorna Brown, White Chevy, 20978
> Delaware St, Southfield MI 48034 in 2002, ph# 248-350-2599
> This FBI agent followed me in a white chevy once on Telegraph road on
> 3/14/02 and on a different occasion on 8 Mile Rd on 4/4/02 when I went
> for an oil change.
> 8CK U33 (MI)    Registered to Doris Evelyn Person, 3611 S.Annabelle
> St, Detroit 48217, 313-388-5186
> The African American female undercover FBI agent who followed me in MI
> veh plate# 8CK U33 was about 20 yrs old and might be a daughter of the
> female owner of this car and this happened in early Fall of 2002.
> EBAY      Ebay Id: SpodekModek, sfrank9 at aol.com --> email Id of Frank
> Spodek - Undercover FBI Agent who monitored my Websurfing activities.
> You can do a quick investigative test by emailing to sfrank9 at aol.com
> and asking Frank if he is an undercover FBI agent and I am absolutely
> positive he WONT respond and DENY he is an FBI agent because then it
> will be a LIE. With this test you can conclude Frank Spodek is indeed
> an undercover FBI agent.
> EBAY            Ebay Id: cbsan,  cidneybetz at aol.com, email Id of
> Cidney Betz - Undercover FBI agent who monitored my websurfing
> activities in 2002.
> Possible old phone numbers of Cidney Betz: 407-370-3043 or
> 352-291-2112 in the year 2002.
> 351 FTK (GA)    Maroon Car, 7/28/04, 6:00 pm, 20ish Caucasian Male and
> Female, Metro Atlanta
> 131 YBP (GA)    35 yr old Caucasian Male, Silver colored car, 7/22/04,
> 10:45 pm, Hotel, Metro Atlanta
> APZ 7647 (GA)   35 yr old Caucasian Male, Truck, 5/25/04, 3:00pm,
> Ridgeview Hospital, Atlanta
> YUU 243 (GA)    Pickup truck, Caucasian male, 8/25/04, 4:40pm,
> Holcrombe Bridge Rd, Altanta
> AQG 2185 (GA)   27 yr old Caucasian Female, Red Cherokee, 5/21/04, 11
> AM, Pep Boys, Cobb Parkway
> WPS 578 (GA)    SUV, One Caucasian Male and one female, 3/8/04,
> 8:30pm, Apartment Complex
> Please allow three years plus or minus to the ages of the undercover
> FBI agents I mentioned here.
> 2/29/04        Undercover FBI agent with a fictitious name "Agent
> Johnson" and IP address said on internet that they are
> using me as a training target and have got a bet on as to when I'll do
> something really stupid and also they are taking bets on what it will
> be in alt.astrology Usenet newsgroup on 2/29/04. This FBI agent from
> Michigan field office might have posted it anonymously and hence the
> IP address might be a fake one. Url for Agent Johnson's post follows.
> http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&selm=c1u06b%24780%241%40titan.btinternet.com&rnum=19
> 3/21/04        Undercover FBI agent by some fictitious internet name
> "THOR" and email Id: funk_a_del_ic2000 at yahoo.com and IP address
> in the Washington DC area monitored my web surfing
> activities and posted on rec.sport.cricket Usenet news group.
> I am absolutely confident all the above mentioned people are
> undercover FBI agents GUARANTEED. You can investigate them yourself
> and find out the truth.
> FBI who is supposed to catch terrorists are WASTING humongous amount
> of tax payers money to ruin, wreck and destroy ordinary peoples lives
> and are MORE INTERESTED and spent three years to tell me how SMART and
> INFINITELY POWERFUL they are compared to me.
> FBI has even been eavesdropping, monitoring and recording my
> conversations with attorneys from pay phones when I was looking to
> hire an attorney to get help with this FBIs harassment,
> dehumanization, humiliation and mental torture.
> FBI agents have been entering my apartment regularly and torturing me
> by doing whatever they want because they know I am taking medication
> that puts me to sleep and I won't wake up until the next morning until
> the drug effect goes away.
> FBI has forced Google or used some technology at their disposal to
> cancel some of my comments from getting posted on INTERNET newsgroups
> misc.legal, trial.misc.legal from a library in Farmington Hills, MI
> and denied and VIOLATED my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH in 11/03 or
> 12/03.
> FBI has entered my unlisted phone#s in all marketing and fax databases
> and sent me faxes in the middle of the night. I received at least on
> the average two to three marketing calls and faxes everyday for 3
> years to my unlisted numbers totaling at least 2000 unsolicited calls
> in the last 3 years.
> FBI agents have terrorized me by calling my current unlisted phone#
> atleast 200 times in a month and a half in July and August 2004,
> intentionally asking for Roberto Fernandez (last name changed),
> knowing fully well that nobody by the name Roberto Fernandez lived in
> my apartment.
> I called undercover FBI agent, Kathleen Sue Taylor on 4/1/04 and told
> her I do not want to receive any HARASSING UNSOLICITED phone calls
> from the FBI and from next day onwards, the FBI had made my unlisted
> phone# appear on caller id of ordinary american people multiple # of
> times, where the owners of those phone#s listed below got upset and
> called me and left abusive messages in my answering machine.
> The owners of these phone numbers listed below called and asked me why
> I was calling them repeatedly, even though I DON'T KNOW who they are
> and I NEVER called them even once.
>   703-580-8992         4/2/04     Dale City, VA
>   540-309-1226         4/3/04     Roanoke VA
>   434-525-1448         4/3/04     Lynchburg, VA
>   757-404-1076         4/4/04     Harry Folsom left me an abusive
> message
>   703-820-6695         4/4/04     DC Suburb, VA
>   770-966-5236         4/4/04     Cooper P D, Woman left me an
> abusive message
>   757-483-0583         4/7/04     Norfolk, VA
>   540-463-7459         4/7/04     Lexington VA
>   770-253-6297         4/8/04     Hammond Stinson
>   703-541-0950         4/9/04     DC Suburb, VA
> FBI pretended to be me and made all these phone calls themselves from
> the FBI head office in Washington DC to those ordinary Americans and
> made my unlisted phone# appear on their phone caller ids, as if I am
> calling them.
> Please speak to, ADVISE and ENCOURAGE these people above to file
> lawsuits against the US government and FBI for violating their privacy
> and for phone harassment.
> Once a Caucasian male FBI agent in a Comcast van threatened to ram
> into my car from behind and came within half an inch of hitting me
> from behind even though there was no traffic altercation between us on
> a city street in Southfield in Feb 2002.
> Two FBI agents once shouted at me and abused me verbally in a Sports
> Authority store parking lot approximately around Feb 2002 in Livonia,
> MI.
> FBI ILLEGALLY stole passwords of all my email and internet accounts
> with the help of bugs installed on my computer.
> FBI agents have followed me even when I went to see a doctor. There
> was one Caucasian FBI agent in a white truck with GA license plate APZ
> 7647 on 5/24/04, waiting for me in a truck in the hospital parking lot
> listening to the conversation I was having with the doctor using voice
> amplification devices.
> I am currently living in a two bedroom apartment  sharing it with
> another person and the FBI sadists made anonymous calls to the
> apartment management office with fictitious complaints and tried to
> get me evicted from the apartment in July 2004.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home in May
> 2004, stole a "yellow highlighter" and after I moved to a different
> Atlanta suburbs a month later entered my apartment again when I was
> not home and placed the "yellow highlighter" on the carpet in the
> middle of my bedroom by the time I came back from watching Fahrenheit
> 9/11 movie on 6/27/04. The FBI knew that I went to watch Fahrenheit
> 9/11 movie on 6/27/04 because they were watching me looking for
> directions and movie times on the internet and also with the help of
> gps vehicle tracking devices in my car.
> I spoke to an attorney from a pay phone on 6/24/04 and during the
> conversation I asked the attorney if we can get a court order to force
> the Internet Service Provider to reveal if my internet web surfing is
> being monitored by the FBI and lo and behold my internet account
> MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED from the ISP computers on 6/25/04. On inquiry
> my ISP told me somebody called and cancelled my internet account the
> previous day, which I never did.
> I rented a car on 7/14/04, bought a cell phone and stayed in a hotel
> that night and by next morning 7/15/04, the FBI has figured out where
> I was staying and wire tapped my cell phone and tracked me by placing
> gps vehicle tracking devices even in the rental car.
> FBI agents ILLGEALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
> 7/16/04 and LOCKED the bathroom door from inside, by the time I came
> back in the evening.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home between
> 7/15/04 and 7/18/04 and logged on to my computer and REMOVED a stock
> list from my Yahoo account.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
> 7/18/04 in the morning and turned the Air Conditioner "ON"
> intentionally by the time I came back to TORTURE me.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 7/18/04 when I was not
> home and placed a razor blade and a nickel (which they STOLE from my
> apartment in Marietta in May 2004) and put it in a plastic bag to
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment in the early hours of
> 7/22/04 (while I was still sleeping in bed) and opened a tote bag I
> kept next to the pillow and unzipped a small bag (zip which I closed
> the previous night) inside, just to  TERRORIZE ME as if to say, we can
> and will do anything to you and you can't do anything to us because we
> FBI are GODS.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home on
> 7/22/04 during the day time and placed the TV remote this time hanging
> on the edge of the bed to TERRORIZE me that they entered my apartment.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment sometimes when I was not
> home, pretending to be Wall Street Journal delivery personnel and
> delivered sometimes MUTIPLE copies of the paper on the same day and
> also sometimes delivered multiple Chinese restaurant take out
> brochures.
> My room mate goes to work around 6 AM and on the night of 7/23/04 I
> pasted a 8.5 X 11 page note on the inside of the apartment entrance
> door for my room mate to wake me up when he leaves so I can bolt the
> hotel lock from inside and go back to sleep. My room mate woke me up
> like I requested and I bolted the hotel lock from inside of my
> apartment and went back to sleep at 6 AM on the morning of 7/24/04.
> The sadistic FBI agents STILL ENTERED my second floor apartment while
> I was asleep between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM on 7/24/04 and REMOVED the
> 8.5X11 inch page pasted note on the inside of entrance door and LEFT
> IT on the ENTERTAINMENT CENTER in the living room just to TORTURE ME
> mentally and TERRORIZE me &#8220;We entered your apartment even when
> you locked the hotel lock bolt and did this, but what can you do
> ?&#8221;
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment when I was not home in the
> evening on 7/24/04 and again opened the tote bag and unzipped a small
> bag which is inside the tote bag and also STOLE a one time use Kodak
> camera from my bedroom which I bought on 7/23/04 in Wal Mart.
> FBI agents have REGULARLY entered my apartment ILLEGALLY with laptops
> when I was not home and copied information from my computer and floppy
> disks and messed them up.
> FBI agents have destroyed my livelihood by assasinating my character
> with potential employers by making anonymous calls to them when I sent
> resumes since FBI is privy to all the email addresses and phone
> numbers of the recruiters and potential employers. I do NOT think this
> is an EXCEPTION and imagine how many ordinary Americans have been
> suffering this FBI SADISM for years without knowing it.
> Sadistic FBI agents called me at least 30 times repeatedly in the
> space of an hour and a half between 7:00 and 8:30 pm on 7/27/04 and
> asked for Roberto Fernandez knowing fully well that nobody by that
> name lived in my apartment and infact said "You are so funny" and made
> WEIRD SOUNDS like aye, uye, ick, ihe etc while watching me real time
> live all the time with the video surveillance devices installed in the
> ceiling of my bedroom when I answered the phone.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on the night of 8/1/04 when
> I was asleep and stole prepaid calling card pin numbers from my
> trouser pockets. One of the prepaid calling cards in my trouser pocket
> was called "I Conexion" and the FBI next day called me on 8/2/04 and
> made the number 770-242-8775 with caller name "Internet Conexion"
> appear on my caller id to TERRORIZE me, that they entered my apartment
> the previous night and stole the prepaid calling numbers from my
> trouser pocket. The phone# above is NOT an FBI# but some other
> company.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was asleep on 8/2/04
> night even though the hotel lock was  bolted from inside, and placed
> the tv remote face down on the end table of my bedroom, folded a
> prepaid calling card in my trouser pocket and formed a crease on the
> card, removed a library map from the file folder (which was inside a
> tote bag) and placed it outside the file folder and unzipped the back
> pocket of the tote bag half way down and left it there to torture me.
> FBI agents have been alerting the security departments of WalMart,
> Best Buy, JC Penney stores etc with fictitious complaints when I went
> there for shopping, so the security cameras in those stores are
> constantly focused on me and watching me while I was in those stores.
> I rented a car on 8/5/04 and stayed in a hotel to get some privacy and
> the sadistic FBI agents still tracked me down that night and left the
> rental car doors unlocked by next morning on 8/6/04.
> I changed the car rented the previous day on 8/6/04 and traveled a
> couple of hours on a highway, took an exit, parked my car in a strip
> mall parking lot and spent about 20 minutes in a retail store and by
> the time I got back to the car, FBI agents followed me and put two
> quarters on a plastic bag containing donuts in the back seat of the
> car just to taunt and terrorize me they are still following me even
> when I rented a car and drove out of the city.
> To protect myself from these SADISTIC FBI agents entering into my
> apartment and stealing things when I am asleep, I locked my bedroom
> door from the inside and put a small heavy box and a 19 inch TV on top
> of the box against the bed room door on the night of 8/7/04 so if the
> FBI agents try to open my bedroom door, the TV will fall off the box
> at the slightest movement of the door, make a big sound and wake me
> up. On the morning of 8/8/04 around 9:00 AM I woke up to a giant
> thudding sound of the TV falling on the floor from the box and FBI
> agents speeding away by the time I realized what happened. FBI agents
> entered my apartment and opened my locked bedroom and pushed the door
> at 9:00 AM so hard, they pushed the box a good two feet away from the
> door. The FBI SADISTS are even willing to break my 19 inch TV to
> FBI agents STOLE a pilot pen pack (which I bought from CVS Pharmacy on
> 8/8/04) from my car on the night of 8/8/04 and entered my apartment on
> 8/9/04 when I was not home from 11 AM - 12 noon and placed the pilot
> pen pack under a chair on the carpet in the living room to torture me.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 8/10/04 between 1:00pm
> and 1:15 pm (just 15 min) when I went to Publix and turned the TV "On"
> in my bedroom by the time I came back to mentally torture me.
> SADISTIC FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was taking
> shower on 8/12/04 around 1:00pm and removed a shaving set scissors
> from the tote bag pocket in my bedroom and placed it on the iron board
> in my bedroom. FBI was able to execute this operation because they
> were watching me taking shower "real time live" with video devices
> installed in my "bathroom".
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment even when the hotel lock was
> bolted from inside in the early hours of 8/16/04 while I was asleep
> and removed the middle row donuts in a 12 pack krispy kreme donut box
> in the refrigerator and placed them in the empty left row and placed
> the concord grape jelly bottle horizontally in the refrigerator and
> unplugged the tv cable from the cable outlet in my bedroom to TORTURE
> me that they are still entering my apartment anytime they want at
> their will.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment while I was asleep in the
> early hours of 8/20/04 even when I put a coffee  table against the
> apartment entrance door and a small heavy box and a 19in TV against my
> bedroom door from the inside and searched the locked tote bag and
> unzipped the back pocket of the tote bag half way down and left it
> there to TERRORIZE ME that they are still entering my apartment no
> matter what precautions I take.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered my apartment on 8/22/04 around 7:30pm
> while I was taking a nap and turned the Air Conditioner "ON" to TAUNT
> me that they were entering my apartment EVEN WHEN I WAS still in my
> apartment.
> FBI agents stole a Gillette disposable razor on the night of 8/25/04
> from my duffel bag and placed it between the drivers seat and driver
> side door near the trunk opening lever of my car.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY opened the rental car I rented, in a hotel
> premises on the night of 8/27/04 and removed the cup holder and placed
> it infront of the parking brake of the car to HARASS ME that they are
> still following me even when I rented a car and stayed in a hotel.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY even tapped MetroPCS cell phone numbers
> instantaneously as soon as I bought them on the same day.
> SADISTIC FBI agents AMUSED themselves by turning my bedroom table lamp
> in my bedroom, ON and OFF by using remote control devices, sometimes
> while I was browsing the web.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY CHANGED three passwords (even though I used
> Kinkos to keep my PASSWORDS PRIVATE) of my three email ids that I was
> using to send this document to investigative reporters between 8/26/04
> and 8/28/04 to "PREVENT ME" from EXPOSING their SADISM, PERVERSION,
> TERRORISM and MENTAL TORTURE, by either ILLEGALLY installing key
> logging software on kinkos computers or by some other ILLEGAL MEANS
> unknown to me. So I created brand new email ids and sent this document
> and god knows when the SADISTIC FBI will change the passwords of my
> NEW email ids.
> FBI agents ILLEGALLY entered the hotel rooms even when locked from
> inside where I stayed in August and September and installed video
> surveillance devices and moved things around from the tote bag&#8217;s
> zipped side pocket into the tote bag to TERRORIZE me that they will
> INVADE my privacy and MENTALLY TORTURE me even when I slept in hotel
> rooms.
> To escape this FBI sadism, I went and slept in an acquaintance's
> apartment in the first week of September 2004 and the SADISTIC FBI
> agents still came and entered that apartment, installed video
> surveillance devices in the acquaintance's apartment and drew a curvy
> line with a knife on the black colored apartment door of the
> acquaintance to TERRORIZE me.
> Sometimes when I spoke to my roommate in non-English language, the
> psycho-analysis OBSESSED SADISTIC FBI agents called me on the phone
> immediately and said "komo-isthaaaa" in a SARCASTIC way and asked for
> Roberto Fernandez knowing fully well that nobody by that name lived in
> my apartment.
> Sadistic FBI agents "reacted" to EACH and EVERY word that came out of
> my mouth for the last three years by making 2000 UNSOLICITED HARASSING
> phone calls at my unlisted private phone numbers.
> American "democracy" and "legal system" are a big friggin JOKE and I
> ask all Americans to take a deep breadth and THINK for a minute, WHY
> DO I HAVE to PROVE to the US Government that they are MENTALLY
> TORTURING and TERRORIZING me 24X7 with surveillance devices, violating
> all my human rights and ILLEGALLY entering my apartment and moving
> around and stealing things when it is the "US GOVERNMENT aka FBI
> itself" that is doing it ?
> Is this the type of DEMOCRACY, the EVIL American government wants to
> SPREAD across the world ???
> To all of you who are gonna advise me to wear tinfoil or take drugs
> for schizophrenic paranoia, the SADISTIC FBI wants all of you to think
> exactly that way so they can CONTINUE to carry on their PERVERSE
> SADISM on ordinary american citizens and MISDIRECT and PROGRAM all of
> the 290 mil american brains to treat the EVIL, SADISTIC, PERVERTED and

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