Python Newbie. Python on PPC, please assist.

Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Mon Oct 11 09:28:09 CEST 2004

"pythonnewbie" <.> wrote in message news:<uqydnWcPC8IgsfXcRVnygg at>...
> Many thanks for your help! I now have Python 2.3.4 installed and running on
> the ppc :) You are correct I had to get the ARM release for my device, and
> the murkworks one certainly seems to be out of date.

Sourceforge is the right place to get releases.

> The pythonCE mailing list sounds great- any idea how i can join this?

Sorry - I was just being lazy, I should have listed this before.

> You mentioned Tk/Tkinter and Tk/Tcl- are these two different development
> enviroments?

No, they are the same. Tk is the graphics library itself and Tcl is
the language that it works 'with'. Tkinter is the python library that
is a bridge to the Tk library. The latest version of python for PPC
comes with a good version of Tkinter, but you will still need to get
the PPC port of Tk/Tcl.

> I had heard about the raw_input limitation, and also heard that the solution
> was to use a dialog box for text input.. I am yet to find out how to put in
> a dialog box (there doesn't appear to be a function to get text input from a
> dialog box...) being so new to all this...

I would recommend playing with Tk on a desktop machine for a bit. It's
not *very* difficult, but there is a learning curve.

> You mentioned that the port had just the standard lib.. Is there any (easy)

*Just* the standard lib, thats pretty damn good.

> way of adding extra libs? I wanted to add the easygame lib and I put it in
> what I thought was the appropriate folder on the PPC, and it wouldn't

Any pure python library should 'just work'.

> recognise it.... I put the .pyc easygame lib in, as well as the .py, as all
> the files in the folder appeared to be complied ones (.pyc). Still no luck.
> Many thanks again for all your help!

If you ask this question again on the pythonCE mailing list we'll work
it out.



> P.S. I am new to newsgroups too... I am using Outlook Express to post,
> however the replies don't seem to show up in Outlook Express.. When I check
> in Outlook Express, it says my original message has no replies, but when I
> checked using Google groups, hey presto- there were your two replies! Any
> ideas what I'm doing wrong?
> "pythonnewbie" <.> wrote in message news:2qudnV1KKuD7RfvcRVnyhg at
> > Hi All. I'm just starting to learn programming using Python. I am new to
> > programming so please be patient with me!
> > I found this for Pocket PC:
> >
> > I tried installing it and for some reason it would not work. Having
> > installed it,  clicking on the program gives the error "PocketPCPython.exe
> > or one of it's components cannot be found", even though I am directly
> > clicking on the exe, and even after much fiddling making sure all the
>  files
> > are there.
> > I'm not a newbie as far as pda's go, so I'm a little confused as to why
>  it's
> > not working.
> > What I really want to know though, is what it actually, does before I go
> > about spending time getting it working. I mean, is it a development
> > environment, like IDLE, or does it just install the Python libraries so
>  you
> > can run Python programs on a PPC, or what? As I said, I am a complete
> > programming newbie so sorry if I'm talking rubbish.
> > I'd be really greatful if someone could tell me what the Python PPC
>  program
> > is/does. Also if there are any other (better) programs for Python on PPC.
> > And if anyone has any ideas why the install didn't work on the PPC, I'd be
> > greatful for advice on that too.
> > Many thanks in advance.
> >
> >

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