Python in Process Control?

Armin Steinhoff a-steinhoff at
Sat Oct 2 11:50:25 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> Hello,
> is it that my know-how to use Google is insufficient or...
> ...does really noone use Python for industrial control applications?
> At least I didn't manage to find any publicly available modules for such
> things as OPC/fieldbus communication etc...

I believe you are talking about the OPC version based 0n COM / DCOM ... 
but there is in the meantime a SOAP based version called OPC XML defined.

SOAP and XML support are available for Python ... who will implement
OPC XML for Python ??

Best Regards

   Armin Steinhoff

> TIA,
> best regards,
> Wolfgang Keller

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