request for feedback: pyfmf

Michael Foord fuzzyman at
Wed Oct 27 13:44:25 CEST 2004

"Dan Perl" <danperl at> wrote in message news:<oOGdnVv0D8jmduPcRVn-gg at>...
> pyfmf is a project I started a few months ago and that is registered with 
> sourceforge (, 
>  It consists of a framework for file 
> management, with a console based toolkit (zigo) and a graphical platform 
> (zago) based on the framework.  Both zigo and zago are still alpha releases, 
> addressed only to python enthusiasts.
> I just released a new version of zigo and the first release of zago.  There 
> have been a few tens of downloads of previous releases of zigo (which is not 
> bad) but I never received any feedback (at least I didn't get any bad 
> feedback either).  I would like to hear what other people think about it.  I 
> am interested in comments on uses, design, coding or just simply whether you 
> think this is interesting and useful.  Please take a look at the home page 
> of the project:

I've had several hundred downloads of Nanagram my desktop anagram
maker - I've only had a handful of emails back about it.

In general feedback seems to in the order of < 1%
I'll have a look and if I have anything worthwhile to say - I'll say
it :-)



> Thanks,
> Dan Perl

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