kinterbase and stored procedure

Alexander Eisenhuth newsuser at
Tue Oct 12 09:45:17 CEST 2004

Gandalf schrieb:
>> cursor = kinterbasdb.connect(...)
>> cursor.excute(SPSETUP)
>> But it seems that anything has problems with "SET TERM !!" expression 
>> . If I use the DB SQL console, everything seems to be OK (the proc is 
>> setup) 
> Yes, that is true. The "SET TERM" command is not really a command that 
> is processed by the backend.
> Please note that the terminator is used to separate commands. However, 
> you will (normally) execute only one
> command at a time with "cursor.execute". So you should create your 
> procedure without the "SET TERM".
> InterBase will surely know that this is only one command. You can try to 
> run the "SET TERM" command
> in a separate "cursor.execute", but probably that is not needed. I had 
> the same problem with Oracle triggers
> before - you must not place the ending "/" character when createing 
> Oracle triggers from your own program.
> Please let me know if it helps.

Thanks a lot, that is the solution.

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