New to Python: Features

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Oct 5 19:30:37 CEST 2004

> > Functions, no (security risk).
> Yet somehow Python functions are serialized in a .pyc file.  ;)
> It really depends on what the OP wants, but he doesn't
> provide enough for us to know what problem he's trying to
> solve, as compared to what technique he things is needed
> to solve that problem.
> For instance, writing a .py file lets you "store function and
> variables ... in a form that can be easily read back ..."


I've never tried it before, but it seems as though one can discover
compiled code of a function object during runtime.  Very interesting. 
Useless for everything I do, but interesting none the less.

> > Anything that you would want to do with a static typed language, can be
> > done with Python.
> What about compile-time template metaprogramming like C++?
> Parameterizing a list so that it only accepts ints?
> Sorry, I'm being too much of a stickler now trying to
> prove my point that many of these are non-trivial topics
> that cannot by easily answered without basically redoing
> work already done to create the documentation.

No argument here.  I took 10 minutes to respond.  I know the
documentation took more than 10 minutes to write (I've taken 10 minutes
to update a portion of it personally).

 - Josiah

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