python vs c# [way, way, WAY OT]

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Oct 3 04:48:54 CEST 2004

Sam Holden wrote:

> From the same author and same blog I referenced before, an entry talking about
> his book "A Student's Introduction to English Grammar" says the following:
>         The other shocking thing is more substantive. I just did a
>         global search of the entire electroscript and found that nowhere
>         does the book make the slightest mention of the concept "split
>         infinitive".
> His proposed solution is to add to the glossary:
>         Split infinitive: No such thing. Don't be a loony.
> For the full rant:
> He really is a Professor of Linguistics and not some elaborate web hoax :)
Well Linguistics isn't Language.

Another pet peeve of mine seems only to be acceptable in American. Can 
anyone tell me why it's considered normal to say things like

"One cannot do it, no matter how he may try", when it seems to me that 
the only sensible thing to say is "One cannot do it, no matter how one 
may try"?


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