In Praise of Docutils

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Sun Oct 3 21:27:54 CEST 2004

I've finally got round to using ResT and docutils. I had a little
galnce at it about a year ago and for some reason concluded that
ResTwas more of a pain than it was worth... very wrong.

I've just converted over a 68k plain text document to ResT. This is
the documentation for ConfigObj - my config file reader/writer module.
For ages I've wanted to turn it into HTML but never quite had the
patience. I've spent the last day or so learning ResT and editing the
text. With markup and various changes it is still only about 72k. The
main temptation is to use **too many** of the ResT features... I think
the ResT source is still very readable and the HTML is nice.

I've just got to see if epydoc can be tweaked to use ResT as it's
docstring markup and I'll be well happy :-)

BTW - for the curious you can see the document I produced (with a link
to the ResT source as well) at

Many Thanks to the Docutils team - an excellent and worthy product.



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