Include pysqlite2 into Python 2.5?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Thu Oct 21 18:14:51 CEST 2004

John Fabiani <jfabiani at> wrote:

> Great idea and about time.  Python needs some type of default SQL engine.  I
> have not reviewed what you are doing but may I suggest you take a look at
> what VFP did with it's built-in data engine.  VFP uses the concept of a
> cursor along with many built-in commands/functions/statements to work with
> the data.  
> My only question is what happens when SQLLite becomes out of favor i.e. TK
> is today?

Same as what happens when BSDDB "becomes out of favor", or SAX, etc,
etc.  Python either keeps supporting it (likely), moves it to a separate
download rather than bundling it (sensible), or drops it (unlikely but
not impossible) at some major release.  We're not talking about stuff
that's particularly "fickle": Tkinter did its job excellently well for
MANY years, after all, to take your same example.


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