ctypes, error when calling function

Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Thu Oct 7 15:37:31 CEST 2004

Richie Hindle wrote:
>>AttributeError: function 'midiOutGetDevCaps' not found
> Like a lot of Windows APIs, midiOutGetDevCaps exists in both ANSI and
> Unicode variants.  You need to call midiOutGetDevCapsA or
> midiOutGetDevCapsW according to whether you're using ANSI or Unicode.

Ah, ok. That nailed it.

> Because you're using c_char in your MIDIOUTCAPS structure:

Now I only need to get my MIDIOUTCAPS structure correct.

ValueError: Procedure probably called with too many arguments (60 bytes 
in excess)

But I can probably figure that out myself.



hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

IT's Mad Science

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