how come .insert() don't work

Bennie bennie at
Thu Oct 28 12:05:52 CEST 2004

Peter Otten wrote:
> Bennie wrote:
>>self.html.add_command(label="p", command=self.tekst_in('p'))
> Here you are setting the command parameter to the result of the
> self.tekst_in() call which is always None. Change that to
> self.html.add_command(label="p", command=self.insert_para)
> and add a method to your App class that takes only the self parameter:
> def insert_para(self):
>     self.tekst_in("p")
> That way insert_para() will be invoked when you click the menu command.
> Alternately you can use lambda to the same effect:
> self.html.add_command(label="p", command=lambda: self.tekst_in("p"))
> but I think the approach outlined above is cleaner.
> Peter   
Thanks all,
Whit lambda its is working fine.
I want to make a methode that replaces the code:
	def p(self):
		self.tekst.insert(INSERT, "\t\t<p>\n\n\t\t</p>\n")
	def pre(self):
		self.tekst.insert(INSERT, "\t\t<pre>\n\n\t\t</pre>\n")
	def br(self):
		self.tekst.insert(INSERT, "<br />")

Now I have to type les :-)

Bye all! and many thanks ;)

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