[warning: 99% OT] does anything like this exist ?...

Fred Pacquier xnews2 at fredp.lautre.net
Tue Oct 26 23:57:33 CEST 2004

"Tim Williams" <listserver at tdw.net> said :

> Have a look at http://christophe.delord.free.fr/en/popf/index.html
> popf.py  might do what you need, or be adaptable to your requirements

Very interesting, thanks. At first look I thought the suggestion was way 
off base, but after going through the code I see your point.

As it is now, popf.py doesn't actually do what I need, as it doesn't have 
the logic to access a mailbox by itself and filter/keep/retrieve/delete 
messages as needed (like sb_culler has). It is more of an alternative to 
Spambayes itself, with specific filtering techniques ; but a very compact 
one, in a single script containing its own POP3 proxy.

So, if one was to replace the POP3 proxy code by sb_culler's mailbox access 
machinery, and have this use popf's filtering code instead of Spambayes to 
tag messages, potentially we could have a very lightweight, single-file, 
simple to set up answer to my original problem...

The two approaches are sufficiently similar (and nicely structured from 
what I can tell) that it seems doable, but the amount of hacking and sawing 
on both sides is probably not trivial either. For now, spambayes+sb_culler 
is probably the fastest path for me, but the principle is appealing, so 
call it Plan A-Prime... or if someone else wants to try it, I'll be happy 
to field-test :-)

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